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Melissa, Washington
Heart attacks and strokes run in my family history. I don't want to die an early death, a death that could've been prevented easily. I want to manage my cholesterol and I can do that easily by looking up all the products that contain CoroWise® brand. Easy, done! And I will not have to worryabout my cholesterol any longer.

Susan, Indiana
My blood pressure started creeping up. I took medication, watched my diet and weight, and the condition was controlled. However, as my cholesterol started rising too, I resisted taking statins; because of cost and side effects and health risks associated with these drugs. I am determined to improve my cardiovascular health by exercise, diet and weight loss. It's working! A diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol, increased consumption of vegetables, seeds and nuts is helping. The addition of Minute Maid® juice and Kroger® milk with plant sterols is a cost-effective, side effects free and effortless tool. Thank you!

Barbara, Ohio
I have a family history of high cholesterol and mine is currently over the recommended level. I am exercising and eating the right foods to try to lower it. CoroWise® products are part of my strategy!

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