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April 22, 2008
Playing the Claim Game with Functional Foods - By Joe Keenan, M.D.
As the functional food market grows, should consumers continue to trust the healthy hype?

April 22, 2008
Could the meals and snacks you are serving be damaging your child's health? - By Felicia D. Stoler
There are now even more reasons why childhood is the best time to teach good eating habbits

April 22, 2008
Plant Sterols are making it easier than ever to follow a heart healthy regimen - By Rebecca S. Reeves, DrPH, RD, FADA
There are a variety of foods with phytosterols to help lower blood cholesterol.

August 14, 2007
The smart way to use heart-healthy ingredients to complement your other lifestyle changes - By Cathy Nonas, MS, RD

August 14, 2007
Plant Sterols: A Natural Way to Lower Cholesterol - By Robert E. Kowalski

December 22, 2006
Heart Healt for Women: It's Easier Than You Think - By Joe Keenan, M.D.

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